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WordCamp Atlanta Advanced SEO for WordPress

By | Jan 9, 2010

My Presentation for WordCamp Atlanta on Advanced SEo For WordPress:

Or you can find it on my Slideshare account

Topher on CNN.com Live Talking about the Yahoo Microsoft Deal

By | Jul 29, 2009

Me on the set of CNN.com Live talking about the Yahoo Microsoft deal and the impact on search and the consumers:

The One Where We Need to Evolve

By | Apr 8, 2009

Tamara Gielen over at BeRelevent! asked an interesting question the other day: does email marketing have a future?

I totally agree with her supposition about ‘E-mail Marketing’ as a term slowly fading away as we find more and more vehicles to get our messages in front of the customer, consumer or client – the marketing doesn’t change, just the medium in which we do it.

But I think the key point that’s missing is that we need to change the discourse and make our superiors (whether those are bosses or clients) realize that marketing online is a much more holistic medium now and doesn’t just involve ‘an e-mail blast to tweak some sales’ (said to me more often than I care to count – as an aside, I hate the term ‘blast.’ Makes me think my client is Dick Cheney with a shotgun on a hunting trip: dangerous and not good for anyone on the other side of that ‘blast.’).

No, it’s now our responsibility as marketers to make people realize that any marketing content is going to be used across multiple mediums, and that the audience is having more and more control in how they interact with us. That the convergence that was mentioned almost a decade ago as the holy grail of technology and marketing is finally happening today and that our messages will be seen on Facebook, MySpace, Del.icio.us, TiVo, the iPhone, the Android, the billboard, or the internet-enabled car stereo.

We’ve finally entered the age of true, interactive marketing.

Video of me talking about Google Chrome

By | Sep 4, 2008

Hello all,

This is just a quick update before we get back to regular post.

I was asked to be on cnn.com Live yesterday to talk about Googles new web browser Chrome.

Below is two ways to watch it one is a link to the video on cnn.com/live and the other is the video it self embedded.

Enjoy and let me know what you all think about the browser and about my take on it.

Topher Kohan talking about Google Chrome

News about Building Findable Websites

By | Mar 6, 2008

Now that it is official and I have made my first post, I can tell you all about something really cool that I have been asked to do.

I have been asked by Aarron Walter, the author of Building Findable Websites and a great teacher, to be an officer / discussion group moderator for the Building Findable Websites Facebook group.

Once a week I will be posting a discussion topic dealing with Findability and keeping an eye on the discussion that follows.

The book BFW is a really great resource for developers that want to help their site to be more Findable and have better SEO but do not want to read a marketing book. The book walks the developer through practical and useful information about what you can (and should) do to your site code and design to help the Findability.

So head over and take a look at the Facebook group, and if you like what you see click the link below to buy the book.

Drop me a comment and let me know what you think of the group, and if you have the book what you think or if not are thinking of getting the book.

“Building Findable Websites: Web Standards SEO and Beyond” (Aarron Walter)

Thanks for reading

Link Fun Friday 02/29/08 The Leap Edition!

By | Feb 29, 2008

Here is this week’s round up of fun links I have found this week. I hope you enjoy them.

This week’s links:

Hope you find the links helpful. If you do drop, me a comment. If you did not, also drop me a comment and tell me why.

As always thanks for reading.

Ad’s Ad’s Ad’s

By | Feb 28, 2008

I created a post a while back that spoke of my thoughts on adding Ads to Findability Today. In that post I talked about how I thought that if I did this it would belittle the content on the site.

After thinking that through and having some great conversations with people, I decided to dip my toe into the water of making money with ads on my WordPress Blog.

Now what I mean by dipping my toe into the water is I have decided to only add Google AdSense ads to the bottom of the post. I think this way I can see if they work and still not feel like I have put them there just to make money. I still believe that with anything you do when you blog that you must at all times keep your message and the readers in mind, or the content stops being relevant. That is when people will stop reading what you have to say.

So, as I keep an eye on the traffic and the ads I would love to hear what you all think. Do you find them a distraction? Do they bring down the value of the information on the site? Drop me a comment and let me know what you think.

Link Fun Friday!

By | Feb 22, 2008

This is the first installment of something that I want to make a weekly thing. It is a list of links I have come across that I want to share but do not think are the type to write a full post on.

Now that is not to say that the information in the links is not good stuff. It is stuff I liked reading but just did not want to write about.

One more thing before we get to the links, not all of them are or will be “new” links. They are just links that I have come across this week.

On to the links:

Hope you enjoy the links. Drop me a comment and let me know what you think of the links and the idea of a Link Fun Friday.

What to look for in a WordPress Pro

By | Feb 15, 2008

As a follow up to the post on When to hire a WordPress pro, I want to talk about what you should be looking for when you go out and hire a WordPress pro.

Ask around. Word of mouth is the best way to find someone. If they get a good recommendation from other bloggers that you know and trust, then there is a good chance that they will be a good fit for you also. Just spend some time asking.

If you do not personally know anyone that writes a WordPress blog, then post a comment on the ones you read and ask for recommendations. With this method you will get some people that just recommend themselves. They may be good at what they say they are.

Now the way to find out if they area any good is to ask for examples of their work. Also ask if you can contact people that they have done work for and see what they say. If for some reason they will not let you contact past clients, then I would stay away from them. (I know that they may have good reasons to not want to you to do this but I still would not want to work with them personally)

If you are looking to have a project on a large scale or on a business blog then posting on a job board is the way to go for you. There are tons of them popping up all over. Some you have to pay a little to post, but on others like Craig’s List you can post for free. Just remember to be very specific about what you want to have done. Remember to include the time frame in which you would like it completed.

The next question will be how much will this cost you. That is something that will vary from job to job and from WP Pro to WP Pro. I can tell you that most people that work on WordPress blogs are part of a community and want to help. Not to say that they will charge you nothing, but you will get a fair rate and a lot for the money that you do spend.

I have just nicked the surface of the places you can find and hire a WordPress Pro. Do you know other places? Drop a comment and let us know. Also remember that this is what I do, so if you just want to drop over to my comment page and drop me a note I will get back to you and see if we can work together.

As always Thanks for reading.

Scraping and me!

By | Feb 14, 2008

I first want to say to my readers that only read Findability Today through RSS feeds, that I am sorry. The reason for me saying this is that I have had to add a header to my feeds that say I wrote the post for Findability Today. The reason I did this is that I am finding more and more of my posts being scraped from the rss and posted on blogs that are then claiming that they created the content.

For those of you that do not know what Scraping is, it is when someone subscribes to your RSS feed and syndicates that feed on their blog and then takes credit (or not give the creator credit). This is not only just bad karma, but it is also theft. I spent the time to create this content and post a feed of it for you all the readers to freely read and (hopefully) learn from. I did not do all of this research and writing so someone can take it and steal it just to put content on their blog to drive traffic so they can make money off of the adds.

Now to be fair I do read sites that scrape feeds, but they give the creator of the content full credit. I have no problem with this, and I would have no problem with someone doing that with my feeds. I should also say that not all scraper sites are looking to make money off of ads, some are hoping for a higher Google Page rank.

What can a creator of content on a WordPress blog do to stop people from stealing their content? Not much really. One of the things that I use is a plugin that allows me to add a footer (or as I have set it up now a header) to your RSS feed saying that I created the content. What this will hopefully do is when the feed is scraped and posted to the scrapers blog is instead of the first line talking about the subject it will say something like “This content was created by Topher for FindabilityToday.com only.”.

My personal hope is that this will do one of two things. First, it will let the people that read this on a site other than mine to know who really wrote the content, and that it was not created for the site they are reading it on. Second I have a wild dream that by doing this it will discourage people from posting the scraped feeds on the blog because it does not look good on their blogs. I am not holding my breath that the last one will work at all.

I have been asked “What harm is all this if when people click on the ‘read more’ link they come to your site?”. For me it is an image thing, one of the blogs that is stealing my feed labels itself a black hat SEO site(if you do not know black hat SEO uses techniques that can some times be classified as slimy and google looks down on and penalizes you for using them). That is something I do not want to be part of, and I do not want it to look like I condone or practice the things that are associated with Black Hat SEO. I am willing to give up some traffic to make sure that the content I write is used correctly and not giving me or the blog a bad name.

So what do you all think? Am I making a mountain out of a mole hill? Have you had to deal with this? Is there a better way to stop it, or least slow it down? Drop me a comment and let me know.

Thanks for reading.

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